If you’re reading this then you’re among the millions of folks who are struggling to run a business online successfully. Sure it’s easy to find a nice product to promote, get a snazzy sales funnel set up and even design a cool looking website but all of this is pointless without one thing – good advertising. Without advertising you’re not going to get any clicks, leads or sales whatsoever. You could blow a small fortune on PPC (pay per click) advertising with the search engines or social media but then in the end you’re probably going to spend more money on ads than you’ll make in profit. So what can a small online business owner do to succeed?

Well you’ve probably heard it a thousand times, the best form of advertising online is organic advertising. What is organic advertising? This means advertising that didn’t cost you anything such as being in the first few pages of Google search results. Of course the problem there is how to get your site listed in the organic results. There’s lots of ways and I’m sure just like myself, any online marketer has bumped into all the gurus over the years promising that their “secret sauce” is the only way to get listed in Google’s organic search results. The truth is, there is no silver bullet for getting listed. In fact Google has changed their search algorithm hundreds of times since its inception. This makes it hard to nail down a “system” that actually works. However, when you break it all down to basics, Google is just like any other marketing effort, whether it be online or offline. They need to deliver relevant results so that they can improve their customer experience. So how do they do this? Simply put, they gauge your website’s popularity and authority based on your overall presence on the internet, where you hang around, who you speak to and who’s talking about you. So this means, where your website hangs around (your back links – what site is showing links to your site) and your social media footprint. 

Now I’m not going to talk about social media in this article but I can tell you that backlinks are the other half of the formula. Where can you get good backlinks? Well first of all they have to be relevant meaning that you’re posting your website on sites that are actually relevant to your niche otherwise they’re considered spammy and search engines frown on that sort of practice. So for example if you’re selling dog grooming services then you’re going to want to post your website on social pages, message forums and any other place where people are talking about their dogs. Now this is the beauty of free classified advertising websites. 1) You don’t need permission to post your link on them 2) You don’t have to pay anything to post an ad on them. But the only problem is that in order to make free classified ads a viable advertising solution, you have to post ads in massive quantities. 

The benefits to posting on free classified websites are huge. Firstly, online classified sites are old, very old in fact some of them have been around since 1997. This means these websites are very well established with the search engines and your ad and website url are sure to get indexed. Also, people use classified ad sites to find products and services, believe it or not they’re not just for advertising your old bicycle for sale. These sites have ads in categories such as business services, lawyers, accountants etc.. However, it’s important to remember that these sites each have thousands of pages so in order to increase your exposure you have to post on literally thousands of classified ad websites. 

Ok, so now we’re coming up to the part about the cheap advertising…Using a classified ad submission service, you can post your classified ad to thousands of classified ad websites every month for one fixed fee. In fact this site will post your ad to over 500,000 classified ad websites for just $39. There’s real results in this folks, I’m not only promoting it but I’m also using it and IT WORKS! The beauty about this type of advertising is that not only is it cheap but it also creates a permanent organic footprint for your business on all the search engines long after you stop using it… talk about the gift that keeps on giving! 🙂