With social media and all the other free advertising options around, people ask me if posting an ad for your business on a free classified website still works. The fact remains that any kind of online post works because Google looks at everything when it’s deciding how to rank your site. Whether you’re posting on social media, in a YouTube comment, a blog, a message forum or even a free classified website you still get the one thing that every online marketer can appreciate – backlinks! 

What are backlinks? Simply put, they are links to your site posted on other sites. So what’s the big deal about those? Well virtually any search engine on earth uses them to gauge your site’s popularity and authority which is useful when they’re deciding which site out of the billions out there to list in the first few pages of results. I don’t have to tell you how important it is to be in those first few pages. 

Other than valuable backlinks, posting an ad for your business on free classified websites will also get you leads and sales. Why? Very simply because people actually visit those sites to look for services and products just like yours. So why aren’t you posting ads for your business on free classified sites then? If you’re like most folks now days that’s because you just don’t have the time to post your ad on enough of these free sites to make it viable. But don’t dismay, there’s a best kept secret in this industry and it’s called a classified ad submission service.

How can a classified ad submission service help you? Simple, they post your ads to thousands of classified ad websites so you don’t have to. Are these services expensive? Well if you can’t afford to pay 30 or 40 bucks to get your ad submitted to thousands of sites automatically then you’re probably wasting your time running a business in the first place.