Frequently Asked Questions

What types of websites do best with this service?

Squeeze pages or landing pages with a simple compelling email only subscription form

We suggest focusing on getting prospects to opt in to your newsletter rather than going for an immediate sale.

Most prospects need to receive several follow ups before they buy. Your opt in form should ask for the minimum amount of information.

Email only is best. The more information you ask for the less opt ins you receive. We can pretty much guarantee that you will receive opt in subscriptions if you have a compelling email only landing page!

How often do you submit my ad?

We create and submit a beautiful html ad once per month and submit it to some of the highest traffic advertising sites in the world and in addition we submit your ad 4x per month to thousands of other advertising sites. You will receive many confirmation emails from the various sites we submit to so there will be no doubt your ad is getting out there!

How many ads can I submit?

We submit one ad per month per account. You can change ads each month just by sending us your new ad. So if you want to advertise several programs we can alternate ads each month. You can also order 2 or more times and we can run all your ads simultaneously each month.

Do you really submit my ad to 550,000 sites? That sounds like a lot. What is the catch?

Many of the sites we submit to are networked sites. This means that even though we just submit to one networked website they have thousands of members each with their own individual advertising pages on the same domain.

Your ad will go on all the members pages in the network as well as on the main website. Besides manually submitting your beautiful html ad to some of the highest traffic advertising sites in the world.

We submit your ad to about 1000 completely unique domain names many which have networked member pages as well.

That is a lot of exposure for your ads!

Can you guarantee sales?

Nope. Sorry, no advertising system can guarantee sales. However, we can guarantee that we will submit your ads. You will receive confirmations directly from many of the sites in real time confirming that you ads have been submitted.

We can also guarantee you that you will receive traffic. We never have had a customer who did not actually get traffic to his website from our promotions. Many of our customers gethundreds of targeted visitors monthly from this advertising system.

Considering that many pay per click advertising systems are charging over $1.00 per click we consistently deliver better value for your advertising dollar.

Can I change my ad anytime?

We try to run one consistent ad each month but if there is something you need changed let us know and we will change your ad right away.

How big can my ad be?

We have some flexibility but on average you should try to keep the description of your ad to about 400 characters maximum which is about one paragraph. The titles should be about 50 characters max. These are just basic guidelines this does not have to be exact. Try to include some compelling reasons in your ad why people should call you or visit your website.

Can I start and stop my advertising anytime?

Sure no problem. You can cancel your subscription from your Paypal account yourself at anytime or you can just email us here and we will cancel for you. If you want to start advertising again you are welcome to sign up again at whenever you wish.